Subchaser nearing completion by Joe Jordan

  • Posted on: 28 August 2015
  • By: Joe Jordan

I am about finished with the Subchaser SC 68.  She was built at the Mathis Yacht yard in Camden, NJ on 5/18/1918.  My first attempt to get her wet did not go well....thankfully it was in the bathtub with only about 3" of water.  When I let go, the boat careened and would have sunk in deeper water.  She floats below the (incorrectly) painted waterline, and when I added some sinkers to balance the boat it bacame very stable.  I leaned her over until the shear was wet, and she righted herself promptly.  I replaced the sinkers with lead shot in bags with the same results.  The additional weight did not make her float (much) deeper. Ready for a sea trial next week.  


The 3 motor set-up works fine.  The center motor is on one ESC and the outer motors are on a second ESC.  When the rudder is hard over, the inner moter is disconnected.  The turning radius is about 2 boat lengths.


There are many LED lamps in the pilot house running off the reciever and a distribution circuit by Eflight.  The running lights are also LED.  The white light in the bow is a grain of wheat on a seperate battery (3 volt) because the location would not work with an LED.