PSMS May Minutes

  • Posted on: 10 May 2017
  • By: Jrwheeler

PSMS - Philadelphia Ship Model Society     Submitted : John Bullock: Secretary

May 4th, 2017 minutes 

Jim Wheeler, president brought meeting 839 to order at 7:10 pm

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

1. Guest: Josh Fichmann- model building 5 years

B. Sick bay report:   Bobbie Zimmerman had eye surgery and is on the mend

                                    Spence Devlin had a dual knee operation and is doing well.

C. Guest speaker. :  Todd Wardwell

Subject :   "Penobscot expedition " 

Background :

Revolutionary war Era - Castine harbor. (Maine originally part of Massachusetts)

1779 USA wanted Bay Area and needed to kick British out. Union showed up with 40 ships,  20 which were armed.

Paul Revere,  who had worn out his welcome in Mass signed on for the expedition -

One team one fight ! ( not really )

British held Castine and fort George overseen by Brigadier General McClean ... 

union soldiers were from the low end of the spectrum when it came to recruits. Several blunders occur by US military including retreat just before victory against land forces. This one battle basically bankrupted Massachusetts.

Admiral ? Court marshaled

Paul Revere court martial - not guilty  general Wadsworth put up charges against Revere several times 

Bernard Cornwall's - The Fort ( authentic explanation of the Penobscot Expedition )

George Buker - the Penobscot Expedition 

Michael Greenberg- the court-martial of Paul Revere 

Ironic twist - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ( grandson of general Wadsworth ) wrote the poem "midnight ride of Paul Revere" making him famous 





E. Show and Tell: ( pictures below )

1.  Ed Leaf: N scale railroad river boat Pacific used to cross the Mississippi 

2. Mike Weaver: Iowa class battleships model. 

3. Francine  Serratore : British destroyer escort / radio controlled ship. 

4. Donnie Frenzel: model ship made from plastic Lego's


5. Craig Bennet. :USS Noa ( destroyer with seaplanes)  1/400 scale

6. J oe Gudonis : post card from his British battleship collection

7. Tom McEllemey: Alice". 1913 pleasure Yacht 

8.  Fred Signor     :Vasa " Sweden ship 1628 - model mid construction - 1/75 scale 

9. John Bullock. : " HMS Victory". 1/98 scale

Business Meeting

E. Secretary minutes for 4/6/17 submitted and accepted 

F. Financial report for April was submitted and accepted 

G. Old Business

Shack volunteers needed Joe Jordan requested help

Wood available in shack 

Camp Englewood - Elkins Park - perfect spot for radio control / ship sailing

Tom explained Alice's situation and her care she is receiving.

FDR park - off the table

Conference in Mystic - Pat gave us a nice explanation of all that participated

New Business  

Model ship Conference Winners: 

1. Spence Devlin Best of Show

2. Spence Devlin Jim Roberts award

Summer society picnic: to be held at Jim Nutt’s house ( Date will be a Saturday in August). 

Farm Fair in Pennington, NJ park is on the river 6/3

Mike Zimmerman - wrote a book on the Vasa helmsman. Will present to club 

Model " Lynx " was offered up to anyone with interest - ship was in need of repairs 

Raffle- winner Spencer Anderson

Meeting closed 9:50