PSMS March 2017 Minutes

  • Posted on: 10 March 2017
  • By: Jrwheeler

PSMS - Philadelphia Ship Model Society     Submitted : John Bullock: Secretary

March 2,2017 minutes 


Jim Wheeler, president brought meeting 837 to order at 7:10 pm

A. Pledge of Allegiance

B. Sick bay report:   Mike Zimmerman. On the mend

C. Shack Coverage:  Joe Jordan looking for support

D. Guest speaker. :  Todd Wardwell

Subject :    Aker - Norwegian Corp formerly  Philadelphia Shipyard

                  Jones Act - responsible for "Kings Point College ". See photo

                  1940 photo - including the Olympia in the upper right hand corner

                   Battleship "Tennessee " see photo

                   Ship building process explained. - 2 1/2 months average to build a ship

                   Ceramic Welding system - explained 

                   The shipyard is now used for commercial ships building and is non-                  military. 

                    Propeller foundry is located on the Philadelphia property - top secret 

                    Life boat drop 

                    CV 2600 -  650 feet in length and carries 2600 containers 

                    MT- 46 Veteran Class product tankers - desire land propulsion 

                    MT- 50 Class product tanker -  new ship class using LNG for propulsion 

                    *Video of ship construction can be seen on the Phila Shipyard website.



E. Show and Tell: ( pictures below )

  1. Mike Weaver  - 4 small scale models.  Ironclad / tanker / Titanic / jolly Rodger







  1. Joe Gudonis  - un-named ship. Fiberglass sanding / 400 wet sand paper / fiberglass cloth from Home Depot




  1. Donnie Frenzel -  Black diamond three masted frigate model



  1. Ron Spicer - " SS Becuna" model.   Scratch made - Solid wood 1/96 








  1. Francine Serratore - HMS Tartar motorized model ship. ( Gas turbine engine / jet engines )








  1. Joe Jordan - "Lively". Beautiful built model revenue cutter / plank on bulkhead


  1. Jim Nutt - card w "quilting "



Break- Jim W provided various diet free items!


F. Secretary minutes for 1/17 & 2/17 : submitted and accepted 

G. Financial report -  submitted and accepted 

I. Website report:

Stacia Werner was original Webmaster and when she moved the club chose to have Adam Narvain take over the website and become the Webmaster. Adam then move to Massachusetts and it appears that PSMS forgot about him and never asked him to update website.  Adam continued to run the website and pay for its upkeep and renewal. The renewal was about $150.00 per year.  It was Jim Wheelers opinion that we PSMS should renumerate him for the website. 

Next we discussed the new website and showed the members that it was fixed and functional. Next Todd Wardwell spoke to the members  and stated that our orginal while working was old technology and would need to updated if it was kept. He further stated that our new website was now functionable and updateable and updates could now be easily made once our membership decided on the change. While we there Jim Wheeler logged in and updated the events page for the shack. It was stated by the following (Jim Wheeler, Todd Wardwell, and Spencer Anderson) that the new site was the way to proceed given the fact we paid for the new website and it's fully functional. It was reported the new site is coming up for Domain renewal and hosting fees which will be about $300.00 for three years.

Next Jim Wheeler proposed that we pay Adam up to $450 for the maintenance of the website(last three years) and gain control of the website.  It seconded by Mike Weaver and then discussed by membership. A vote was then taken and unanimously approved.

Next Jim Wheeler asked to membership to agree to go with the new website and move forward.  It was seconded by Mike Weaver and then it was discussed by the membership. A vote was then taken and unanimously approved. 

Going forward once the old website control is gained we will forward any request to the new site. Eventually our old website will be shutdown.

50/50 drawing. Mike Weaver winner!

No new business

Meeting was adjourned at 9:58pm