Minutes of January, 2017 Meeting

  • Posted on: 26 February 2017
  • By: Spencer Anderson

PSMS Model ship building society Phila : Minutes. 1/5/17.    Secretary : John Bullock 




Pledge of Allegiances 

Todd Wardwell- 3D printing.  - computers  how does it work.?

Great explanation of printing history

Not weed walker string!   Picture  ABS filament  / PLA. 

Detail for scale -  different styles and materials 

Micro mark equipment - 3-5 machines 

Discussion - printer life expectancy. Is better than air brushes 

Is it model building?


2.show and Tell: 

Titanic. ( Donnie). 1/1000 scale. 

Sub chaser. Scratch built

( Ed). Picket boat  WW1 

British corvette.  Water line model " the cruel sea "


Stereo view :. Monitor. / Kerasage 


British Destroyer - 1/96

Accept the minutes 

Treasurer report- $

2,502 plus side 


Approved. First. Spencer

Second: John W 

Program:  usability of website   Problems 

Corinthian YC. Christmas dinner 12/17. Approved  12/17/17

Next meeting. 2/17

FDR park program. -  ships in pond : reserved open Dock - write a letter of commitment for time to secure dock usage 

New business : using FDR parking for regattas structures times ?  Put up for vote

Coast guard - adopted 2 schools locally   16 hours of educations need assistance in volunteers