Minutes of February, 2017 Meeting

  • Posted on: 26 February 2017
  • By: Spencer Anderson

February 2. 2017 PSMS  Philadelphia Ship Model Society    Secretary :  J.Bullock


Pledge of Allegiance. Jim Wheeler, president 

Show and tell

          A. Spencer Devine. - US Boxer 1905  : scratch built Navy training ship 

          B.  Ed Leaf - anchor retrieval model. - 1/96 scale. 

          C. Joe Giordano -  balsa ship. ( fathers stamp awards / plaques )Epoxy       explanation- Carol Maran / tub boat

          D.  Steve Bulova  - aircraft Carrier:  Theodore Roosevelt metal 1/220 scale gulf war

          C. Jim Wheeler - electronic items / LED lights servo tester.  Alhi express 




Pat - discussed Mystic Seaport. Ship Model conference 4/28 thru 4/29

Ship Shack schedule-  sign up 

Secretary report. Accepted. Jim McIntyre 2nd / Jim Rathburn 1st

Treasurers report. : Ed Leaf  effective 1/1/2017 thru 1/31/2017

Inflow:  $943

Outflow: $500 gift to museum

Checking Acct: $6,295.67

Savings Acct:    $6,178.80

Total:                $12,474.47


Mike Weaver. 3 weeks at the shack. Thanks!


Website construction:   $2,000 paid  for the construction of site ... where do we stand?

Discuss with Spencer A to give us an update as to the sites status and contact info on website master name. 

Suggested new web designer : John ? previously was considered , works for UPS doing website design - cost $500 / $100 deposit  deadline decision 3/1 

Executive board decision quorum 


John:  Roosevelt Park / pond use -  turn it into a community function / PSMS manage boathouse use.  Need to send letter. -  discuss next meeting


New business item: 

John offered to talk at conference on battleship 

Suggestion on model ship programs :  example R/ C Construction and uses 

Raffle:  $22. Pot. / winner $11. J.Bullock 

Address list. Updated recently on website 

Adjournment. 9:15pm 

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