MAY 5, 2016 Show 'N Tell

  • Posted on: 19 May 2016
  • By: Spencer Anderson



Show N'Tell May 5


Mike Zimmerman was asked to do a demo for the NE Conference, so he showed how to make display cases. He explained how to translate measurements of the ship to compute measurements for the case.


Mike Weaver spoke about Egyptian river boats and showed his scratch-built model. Interesting points were that the boats had no keels, and were engineering marvels.


Craig Bennett showed his model of the USS Enterprise which he built 21 years ago. It is in excellent condition due to being kept in a display case. The Enterprise was the most decorated ship in US Naval history.


Joe Gudonis showed old photographs of cannon that were salvaged from around the city. John Christenzio told us that his wife would lead tours of the historic area where he lives.


John also showed us a series of books on British Warships that are outstanding references for model builders.


Francine brought in the hull of a Tribal Class Frigate. This class had only one screw, designed to replace the Black Swan andLoch class in the Persian Gulf. The lack of maneuverability drove a decision to reduce production from 23 to 7. Three frigates served in the Falklands War, and were later sold to Indonesia and were in service until around