April's PSMS Minutes

  • Posted on: 21 April 2017
  • By: Jrwheeler

PSMS - Philadelphia Ship Model Society     Submitted : John Bullock: Secretary

April 6, 2017 minutes 

Jim Wheeler, president brought meeting 838 to order at 7:10 pm

We altered our meeting for a minute to allow Andrew Seligman to present his model in need of repair of the LYNX.  He is will to pay to have someone repair the ship model and can be reached at (215)514-6724.

A. Pledge of Allegiance

B. Sick bay report:   Bobbie Zimmerman had eye surgery and is on the mend

C. Shack Coverage:  Joe Jordan looking for support

D. Guest speaker. :  John Christinzio

Subject :   John Spoke on the Majestic Class Battleships

                   John discussed and showed the different ships within the class and how they were modified to suit the missions.





E. Show and Tell: ( pictures below )

  1. Mike Weaver  - 3 small scale models of the Arizona by Trumpeter in 1/350th.


  1. Jim MacIntyre  - Showed his progress on the Shell Welder Coastal Tanker by Eastern Express in 1/130th scale.



  1. Joe Gudonis Showed his continued work on his un-named Tug.


  1. Ed Leaf Showed his scratch built model of the USS Illinois BB1 in 1/8th scale.




  1. Francine Serratore Showed the Quincy and Boston Crusiers  in 1/490th scale.






F. Secretary minutes for 3/2/17 submitted and accepted 

G. Financial report for March was submitted and accepted 

I. Old Business

Pat Leaf spoke about the 35th Annual Ship Model Conference and what plans for Friday night dinner. It will be held on April 29th from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm in New London CT at the Port and Starboard Conference Center. Friday ‘night dinner will be at 7:00 pm in the Mystic Boathouse.

Jim Wheeler reported that Adam didn’t want to be reimbursed for website costs of $450.00.  He asked that we give that money to the Seaman Church organization.  All members present agreed and a check was written for Mike Weaver to deliver.

FDR lake is available for our use but nothing further and been determined.

New Business

The subject of the PSMS picnic was brought up and was agreed that we would like to have one.  We need to find a site for this to be held and it was also proposed that we could possibly cater is for about $400 and no one would have to cook.  Joe Jordan and Jim MacIntrye were going to look in Laurel Acres Park, John Christinzio said we can hold it at FDR park.  We will review all possible locations next month and hopefully come up with a consensus.

Jim Wheeler brought up that we may have a place to run our RC model ship at Camp Anglewood. Agin there was interest but no all information was available.  Tom has arrange a meeting with staff at Camp Anglewood and will have all the information.

Joe Jordan

Showed a list of Kits a gentleman was selling.  Here is a list of the kits and the Gentleman’s name and contact info

Ed Maggiani –(609)680-8527

Robbie Happy Hunter

Nichimo 1/200 Yamato

Imai 1/200 Smit Nederland

Heller 1/200 Marie jean

Lindberg 1/35 L.C.V.P

Lindberg 1/80 USCG Coastal Patrol Boat

Novo 1/130 Shell Welder Coatal Tanker

XX 1/800 USS Midwat

Revell USS Montrose

Trumpter 1/144 USS Gato SS-212

Trumpter 1/350 WW2 Liberty Ship SS Jerimiah O’Brian

Revell 1/72 WW2 GATO

Revell USS Lexington

Revell 1.480 Cargo Liner

Revell USS Burton Island

Revell Jet Powered Patrol Boat

Lindberg 1/245 LST

Heller 1/200 ROC Amadour

Revell 1/300 Geopotes

USS Mission Capistrano

Lindberg Coast Guard Tug

Heller 1/400 Duquesene

Nichimo 1/300 Fuji Aux

Tamiya 1/72 Vosper Fast Patrol Boat

Revell NS Savannah

Billings Zwarte Zee


Meeting was adjourned at 9:40pm